The Foolishness of DIY Playground Construction

Many do it, but putting together your background swing set is a fools errand

We know about construction supplies here at B2B Magazine, and one thing we come across very often is the industrious father/mother attempting to take a project into his/her hands when it really should be handled by a professional. While there is nothing inherently wrong with trying to do things on your own, at a certain point it becomes necessary to take a step back and re-assess the situation. Some projects are too big, complex, and sometime dangerous, to do on your own. Even if you do “successfully” get the task down, it is often not without excess aggravation, and sub-par results.

Look’s easy, but far from it – Backyard Playgrounds are no task for the weekend warrior

One of the most common occurrences of this type of “over-industriousness” is the backyard playset. These pretty little things make for excellent times for kids and adults alike, but they are more complex then appearances might let on. The average swing set has about 300 pieces, with some that have thousands. In addition, these things can cost thousands of dollars. Putting them together takes hours, even for professionals. Going at this type of thing alone is far from an ideal situation, especially if you are unprepared.

Put this together yourself? Might want to re-think that…


Ever try to put together a piece of Ikea furniture? How about a bicycle? Well, I have, and even with instructions, both of those processes were confounding and confusing, even though I eventually got the job done (in the case of the bicycle, I eventually went to a bike shop anyway). Now take that process and multiply it by 100, and you have your average backyard playset.

Taking this into your own hands is pretty foolish, and that’s why many different professional companies have sprung up that will install your playset for you, for a small fee.  Many stores already have these companies on staff that deliver and install the product for you.  Take advantage of a package deal at checkout, get the delivery/assembly/etc when you buy the actual set.

Throw Some Money at the Problem

Nothing wrong with throwing a little bit of your hard earned money at the problem if it means saving yourself several headaches, hours of work and a shoddy end result.  These pros do this thing day-in, day-out and usually don’t charge all that much.  Trust us, we’ve seen it happen, most people are glad to pay.



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